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JT's UV True Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating, Waterless Wash, Shine & Protect

JT's UV True Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating, Waterless Wash, Shine & Protect

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About this item

  • ✅CERAMIC COATING WITH TRUE GRAPHENE – (Free with every Bottle one 16X16 Micro fiber towel) The ceramic glow and nanotechnology is the new talk of the “car care” Industry. As appealing as the forever-lasting “ceramic coats” sound, you will be disappointed to know that they are not true graphene ceramic coats. Most of them sell you silica products as an alternative, which may act as a coating for a while, but does not prevent your vehicle’s exterior surfaces from long-term damage.
  • ✅PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY FOR CERAMIC – If your vehicle misses the true “ceramic” touch, you are at the right place. With the Patent Pending Ceramic Glow Technology, you can coat your vehicle hassle-free. The best part is that the ceramic coats are infused with UV tracers instantly activated by Blue UV Light. This means you can easily trace the ceramic application when you flash UV light to ensure a smooth coat with no missed spots.
  • ✅COAT YOUR VEHICLE THE EASY WAY – The Car Care Industry is evolving and adapting to cutting-edge technology that empowers you to apply an even ceramic coating with a smooth finesse to your vehicles. You can effortlessly seal the paint with graphene to protect your vehicle’s surfaces so; it looks beautiful and shiny at all times. With this technology, every car enthusiast, hobbyist, and professional can seamlessly add precise detailing to their vehicle.
  • ✅ ONE-STOP-SOLUTION FOR ALL EXTERIOR CAR SURFACES – Our Ceramic Spray Coating can protect your vehicle on all levels. From wheels, painted areas, glass, plastic trim, headlights, canvas tops, bed liners, chrome, floor mats, and more – our ceramic coats are safe to use and easily protect these surfaces. You can spray coat your entire vehicle in one go.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We strive to provide you the best-in-class products such as waxes, ceramic coatings, sealants, wash mitts, sponges, detailing kits, applicators, garage tools, and many other extraordinary user-friendly products of car cleaning. If you ever find our products non-satisfactory, just get in touch, and we will do everything we can.

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