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JT's Professional Car Care Long Lasting Extreme Deep Black Premium Tire Shine

JT's Professional Car Care Long Lasting Extreme Deep Black Premium Tire Shine

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About this item

    • * ✅TIRE SHINE WITH THE LONG LASTING>> Stop using those defective tire products every week! JT's Tire Shine contains graphene, which is 200X stronger than steel, for the longest-lasting shine and protection.
    • * ✅ TIRES WITH A DEEP, BLACK SHOWROOM SHINE>> With no sling, this mixture produces a clean, deep black showroom shine finish! Your tires will appear to be fresh. In addition to repairing and protecting your tires, you can easily apply it to all your vehicle's rubber, vinyl, and plastic interior and exterior parts for added shine and lasting protection.
    • * ✅ NO SLING, EASY, NON-GREASY APPLICATION>> Because of how easy it is to use, you can move big tread blocks at once. You can even drive immediately after application because of its non-greasy, quick-drying formulation.
    • * ✅ GUARD YOUR TIRES>> To stop dry rot and degradation, graphene protection works to seal off the water, debris, and UV radiation. Protects tires and other rubber and plastic trim components from the sun's harmful rays, preventing tarnishing, fading, and cracking.
    • * ✅ END TO RUBBING>> Most inexpensive tire coverings use slimy silicones to dry tires, which takes longer. Unlike other tire shiners and plastic treatments that leave surfaces feeling sticky and slimy, JT’s Extra Gloss Tire Shine is dry to the touch, non-slip, and repels new dirt and dust.
    • * ✅ 100%GUARANTEE>> We stand behind every bottle of Graphene Tires - Not satisfied? Contact us for a full refund within 60 days.

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